Matching siding on a home addition by Michael Beaudry Remodeling of Central Massachusetts
For a Seamless Expansion of Your Home

Add a room: Recreation, utility, bedroom or bathroom space and more
“In-law” apartments: For care, attention and access but also independence and privacy
Build up, build out: Second stories, balconies, dormers, sunrooms, ranch home expansions
Match or compliment your existing style
Garages and workshops
Decks and porches

For any home addition or any exterior remodeling and property improvement, a contractor who is hands-on with all facets of home construction will give you the greatest value before, during and after the project. Where we have set out to match the look of a pre-existing home, you “can’t see” our work on projects across South Worcester County and Northeast Connecticut.

Before we construct the project, planning is key. Mike Beaudry can show you how to best wed your existing home to your home expansion project. You want those structures to be a seamless partnership.

During your home addition, Michael Beaudry Remodeling is right in step when the unexpected is encountered behind, above or beneath the existing walls and floors during construction— adjusting without breaking stride.

Afterwords, you have a home with enhanced livability and resale value. You’ll get the look you want at the budget you lay out, but behind what the eye can see you’ll have a solid investment that will stand up to any test.

And with additions we give specific attention to a family’s or households needs to maintain a lifestyle and routine with minimal inconvenience while the build-out is under way.

Michael Beaudry remodeling is ready to consult with you on adding a room or more to your home with the features and fixtures you envision.