Garage construction can include attached garages or stand-alone garage buildings, barns or garage/workshop combinations. We can expand an existing garage to include more vehicles or workshop space with the same seamless mastery we demonstrate in our home additions.

Where space allows, free standing garage construction can work to provide the feel of a compound or campus around a home. When our customers choose an attached garage, the ease of access is an obvious plus for convenience.

We’re happy to match or compliment an existing home as we do with any home addition. Whether we build in additional storage, an auxiliary use or added garage space for vehicles and outdoor equipment, we are happy to put our skills to work for you. We’re proud of the many unique garage construction projects we can show throughout Central Massachusetts and Northeast Connecticut over the many years Michael Beaudry Remodeling has been building in our area.

When many people look at a home, a well constructed, up-to-date garage can be a major selling point. It definitely adds value to your house. But before it ever comes to considering monetary value, you can simply look forward to enjoying the ease and benefits your well-made garage provides protecting your contents and keeping them well organized.