Ah, yes – relaxation and enjoyment!

Outdoor relaxation spaces like porches and decks
open a home to its surroundings and give people
the personal space to kick back, or to just breathe
freely after a tough day.

A place to enjoy your home’s connection to the wider world.

And porch and deck projects should never feel routine.
Designing and placing porches and decks with homes in
South Central Massachusetts and Northeast Connecticut
is always a custom craft. Porches and decks
are scaled to, and shaped by, uses a homeowner envisions.

Michael Beaudry Remodeling is a contractor who finds
a home’s unique placement within surrounding landscape
and enhances it.

Materials choices and finishes also keep the homeowner
in mind, so maintenance of surfaces is comfortable and
rewarding. A porch or deck will be with you a long, long
time. You might as well enjoy it to the fullest, along
with our craftsmanship and care in building your
outdoor or enclosed home addition.

Let’s sketch out what works best for you,
for those special times in the great outdoors.

Serenity comes in all sizes!